This brief series of links and bibliography choices — memoirs, combat chronicles, post-War happenings, and so on — feature information about the 94th Infantry Division and their actions in World War II.

History of the 94th Infantry Division in World War II
This length chronicle of over 500 .PDF pages offers a complete look into the formation, history, actions, and efforts of the 94th Division during their actions in World War II.  This version is copied directly from a 1948 publication thanks to the University of Michigan.

The 94th Infantry Division…at Orscholz
A brief history of select members of the 94th, including their training and their assignment, as written by Eddie Maul in 2002.

The Saar River Crossing, 94th Infantry Division, February 1945
This 1984-printed history examines a strategic account of the 94th crossing of the Saar River in February 1945 as compiled by the Combat Studies Institute.

“On The Way”: The Story of the 94th Infantry Division
“On the Way” is a small booklet (transcribed on that covers the history of the 94th.  This booklet is one of the series of G.I. Stories published by Stars & Stripes in Paris, 1944-194.

“Local Veterans Recall Battle of the Bulge to a Packed House”
This article in The Morning Call in January 2017 covers a commemoration of The Battle of the Bulge during which a number of veterans spoke and shared their stories, including a veteran of the 94th Division.

“Veterans of 94th Infantry Division…Working for Liberator Status”
This article from 2012 covers recent efforts by surviving members of the 94th and their families as they seek to achieve official “liberator” status.

“94th Infantry Division Vets Reuinte to Remember World War II”
This brief article on the official U.S. Army website looks back on some specific experiences shared by the veterans of the 94th Division.