Join the Fight / FAQ

The 94th ID Living History Association is forever looking for dedicated reenactors to join our ranks.  We’re always seeking dedicated reenactors and living historians with a passion for accurate representation.  Whether you’re new to reenacting or you’ve done it for years, the 94th might just be for you.  Of our prospective members, we ask only for the following:

  • Members whose age and/or appearance fits that of the typical WWII soldier;
  • People who are fit enough to take part in active action on the field;
  • Reenactors who care to educate the public, who are always ready to learn, and who aren’t satisfied with “good enough”;
Members of the 94th LHA in a troop transport in New Oxford, PA.

Where are you from, and where do you reenact?

Currently, our members span the Eastern seaboard — from New England to North Carolina — and mostly attend events in that area.  The 94th LHA is comprised of people from all different walks of life: mental health counselors, food service workers, members of the film industry, teachers, etc.  We are people of different religions, various backgrounds, and many lifestyles who all share a love of history.  If you’ve got a few open weekends a year and a willingness to travel, then you’ve got the time!

How do you become a full member of the 94th LHA?

Prospective members are expected to reenact with the 94th for one year and four living histories/reenactments before being voted in as full members.  Likewise, in that time, the member should show a willingness to buy some of the necessary gear, improve their understanding of the 94th, and contribute to the group’s research and outreach.

What do I need to start my general impression?

Members of the 94th LHA are expected to build on their impression according to historical standards of the U.S. GI in World War II.  The necessary elements are as follows:

Jesse Campana reads a letter from back home. Credit: Brian Schade.
Jesse Campana reads a letter from back home. Credit: Brian Schade.


  • M43 / M41 field jacket;
  • Wool trousers;
  • M1 helmet with period-appropriate liner;
  • Army wool field shirt;
  • Service shoe type II or roughout boots with leggings or double-buckle boots;
  • GI trouser belt with black buckle;
  • Wool blanket;
  • M1928 Haversack;
  • Cartridge belt.

Those who have questions about gear or who don’t have any yet can contact us at the e-mail address on the side of this page to ask questions about how to get started before purchasing anything.

What are full members expected to do?

The 94th LHA isn’t just a reenactment group.  We take part in veterans’ apprecation events, historical programs in schools, historical advocacy, and public education.  Our two largest purposes are to 1) represent the typical soldier in the field and 2) appropriately honor the memory of veterans of the 94th and other U.S. service members.  Full members will pay $40 in dues a year, which go directly back into upkeep of group equipment (mortars, rations, lent gear, dues, etc.).

What are the benefits of joining?

Reenacting with the 94th means you’re ready to constantly tweak and improve your impression and engage in first-person interactions at events.  But it also guarantees a great time with fantastic people, an opportunity to make new friends, chances to spend time with knowledgable veterans, and being part of a group that earnestly seeks to preserve history.

I’m a veteran/family member of a veteran who wants to get in touch with the group.  How do I?

Just e-mail us at  We have done significant veteran outreach and communicate regularly with original members of the 94th.  It would be our honor to correspond with you!